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Here's what Melissa's advisers have to say about Jostens products and her services.


Karon Parrish, Drew Central High School , Humanities Chair/English III/Journalism told us:

"I returned to Jostens after using another company last year simply because Melissa has been awesome to work with. I missed her and Jostens very much and have learned from my mistake! She has gone to bat for small schools as they struggle to keep their yearbook programs intact in the wake of educational funding cuts. Most small school yearbook advisers teach other subjects and in my case I have one class period to advise yearbook which means we have to work some nights and weekends to make our deadlines. She understands my stress because having been a teacher herself; she truly knows what I go through. When I need something I can simply email or call her and she gets back to me quickly. My students enjoy working attending her workshops and respect her as our representative. They love her workshops which makes it so much easier for me!"

Melissa Jones of  Jostens Yearbooks

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Phone: 870-818-4628

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